Joseph Strahlend

My family moved out to Arizona in the spring of 2004 and right away we found Calvary Chapel Queen Creek. It’s been our home church ever since. Despite my upbringing in the Christian faith, I did not really know Christ for much of my life. I lived a life of sin not really caring about the Bible or what it had to say. During my senior year in high school however, is when my hard heart began to soften through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I began to question if the Christian faith is real. So I did my own research by reading tons of books, articles, watching debates, studying the work of atheists so I could find the truth. It did not take long until I was totally convinced that what the Bible says is true. Then the Lord brought me to Isaiah chapter 6 where I pictured myself in Isaiah’s shoes when he was in the throne room of God. It was then where I attained a fear of the Lord and recognized His holiness and my total state of depravity.

The glorious message of the Gospel had finally made sense to me at that moment. My life has been changed ever since. Since then, I have attained a Bachelor’s degree in History for Secondary Education, and now the Lord has called me to serve in the youth ministry here at Calvary Chapel Queen Creek to help equip the next generation of Christ followers.