"The Vision"

The following list is what I can see us doing over the next five to ten years. It’s not all inclusive, nor is it laid out in the exact order that the items would be built. It’s just a list of things that I see that would help us keep moving forward in doing the work of the Lord here in Queen Creek. As the community grows, so will the needs. We should start planning on building now as the Lord  provides. This is where we all need to be praying for wisdom on how the  Lord might use us to help finance these projects. It would be wonderful to pay as we go, so please join us in prayer and we’ll see how the Lord provides.

1)  Take down the Ramada and add new parking spots. Completed 11/2018

2)  Salvage trusses and plywood from Ramada and build an addition onto the back of the Little House. A new classroom and a garage for electric carts and other outdoor equipment. In-process 5/2019

3)  Bring the sewer line down Sossaman to San Tan Blvd and then east across our current property to tap into Queen Creek waste and move away from septic systems. It appears that the town will be starting this project sometime in 2020.

4)  Take down Rhodes Hall and build a new two-story facility with a full kitchen, walk in refrigerators, fellowship hall and a jr high youth room on the main floor. Additional classrooms and offices on the second floor. Working with the architects and the county at this point.  In-process 8/2019

5)  Redesign and add onto the current youth building. This would become the administrative building where all of the offices would be located.

6)  Possibly purchase some land directly south of our current location.

7)  Build a new sanctuary with Sunday School classrooms.

8)  Remodel current sanctuary for High School ministry with a small chapel.

9)  Build a full-size gym on the new property for community outreach.

10)  Build a scaled-down gym on our current campus.

11)  Plant a few hundred more trees and bushes! God has a plan!