How to Study Scripture Course

Rhodes Hall Building

Course Information

When: Wednesday Nights
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm  (1.5 hours)
Location: Rhodes Hall Building

Duration: 10 Weeks (repeats 3 times each year)
Age Group: JrHS – 100+ yrs (Anyone serious about knowing how to study God’s Word)
Experience Level: Novice – Expert (We cover all levels and forms of study)

Materials Needed: Your Bible, Pen/Pencil, and Notepad

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This ten-week course will instruct you on how to use resources and study methods to accurately maximize what you get from Scripture while aiding your understanding of how to conform to the ways of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior.

It is designed to build your confidence in what you know about God, His Word, and how to obtain and apply that knowledge. At the end of the course, you will know how to study Scripture in the most basic and straightforward way, as well as how to dive deep into God’s Word, then, share that knowledge on how it has transformed you as a believer in Jesus, the Messiah.

This course is for anyone who is serious about wanting to know how to study His Word, regardless of your age. It is a course that will repeat for a total of three times each year. If you happen to miss a lesson, you can sit-in on the ones you missed.

Course Details
Lesson 1: Introduction to Studying Scripture Course
An Overview of the course, what to expect, what to keep in mind while studying, vocabulary, and a review of Scripture about studying.
Lesson 2: Resources: Print — Part 1
A brief review on Bible translations, along with a full review of the Concordance, Lexicons, and Word Study Dictionaries.
Lesson 3: Resources: Print — Part 2
A review on commentaries, maps, book study books, and difficult scripture books that provide context to Scripture.
Lesson 4: Resources: Online
A full review of Blue Letter Bible,,, and
Lesson 5: Resources: Software and Apps
A review on desktop software and apps that will aid you in your studies and not break the bank.
Lesson 6: Simple, Basic Study Methods
Covering the most simple ways to study Scripture.
Lesson 7: Topical Studies
Covering topical study methods.
Lesson 8: Verse by Verse through Observation
We will cover the specific steps on how to study Scripture through observation to maximize your learning.
Lesson 9: Verse by Verse through Interpretation
We will cover questions to ask yourself while interpreting Scripture to increase your understanding of Scripture.
Lesson 10: Verse by Verse through Application
We will cover mind provoking questions to ask yourself to reflect on and inspire change in your life.

Ministry Leader

Bill Strahlend

How to Study Scripture Course

I was born in Torrance, California (CA) in 1973. Throughout my childhood I grew up moving to many places within Southern CA. On occasion I would get introduced to the concept of G-d and His Son, Jesus. At those times, I never understood anything. It wasn't until February 19, 1993, that I came to a saving knowledge of G-d, through Jesus, the Messiah. I have been a student of Him and His Word since then. I met my wife through a home Bible study fellowship. We married in 1996 and started a family almost immediately. We have 3 kids (2 sons and a daughter in the middle). We started our lives in CA, but moved to Arizona (AZ) in April 2004. We have been attending Calvary Chapel of Queen Creek since. I enjoy studying G-d's Word and helping others grow in their faith and knowledge of the L-RD.

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